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Chapter XXIV – New home, new pace

From the first moments on Maristela, I felt like a totally new era in my journey has begun. For the last eight months, while on land, I was under constant time pressure: whether stopping for a short land visit on … Continue reading

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Chapter XXIII – Jumping ship

The way to American Samoa is tied closely in my memory with sail repair. Never had we that much of it as during those 7 days. As our sails were still torn in Pitcairn storm, We mounted a spare jib … Continue reading

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Chapter XXII – From Tahiti to Rarotonga

The passage to Cook Islands’ capital, Rarotonga, is too gloomy for me to remember clearly. The departure of Anna and Evgeniy, my best friends of this adventure, was so sudden and swift, and took us all, including them, by total … Continue reading

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Chapter XXI – Tahiti

Almost every person I ever talked to about Tahiti during the voyage was disappointed with it – and we were not an exception. If you would ask a visitor to describe Tahiti in one word, probably the word you would … Continue reading

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Chapter XX – From Gambier Islands to Tahiti

This is the story of one of the grimmest passages I ever had on Lorraine-D. It wasn’t supposed to be long – the distance between Mangareva and Tahiti is only 800 miles, and the voyage was supposed to be about … Continue reading

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Chapter XIX – From Pitcairn Island to Mangareva

When we started the voyage to Gambier Islands, a group of islands in the south-eastern end of French Polynesia, the weather was bad, with 25-knots wind blowing steadily behind us and gusts of heavy rain. We could see the rain … Continue reading

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Chapter XVIII – From Easter Island to Pitcairn Island

We set out from Easter Island on May 19th. Faithful to its tradition, the sea was horrible on the first two days of the trip: the boat was rolling so bad we had hard time not falling from our bunks. … Continue reading

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